Aminudin Bin Taib

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Aminudin Bin Taib

Head if Contract, Procurement and Concession



 Age / Gender

62 / Male

Date Appointed / Working Experience

Aminudin Bin Taib obtained a Diploma in Quantity Surveying
from Institute Teknologi MARA in 1983. Subsequently in 1986, he obtained an Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying from the same institute. He is also a member of The Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia, a Consultant Quantity Surveyor with the Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia.

His career started in 1983 as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor at Nik Farid and Loh Sdn Bhd, a quantity surveying company and left in 1986. He took up the position of Quantity Surveyor when he joined Jabatan Bekalan Air Terengganu in 1986. Subsequently, he left Jabatan Bekalan Air Terengganu in 1988 and joined Jurutera Konsultant (Sea) Sdn Bhd, a quantity surveying company, as Quantity Surveyor. Later in 1990, he left Jurutera Konsultant (Sea) Sdn Bhd to join PLUS Malaysia Berhad, a toll operator, until 1991.

Subsequently, he left PLUS Malaysia Berhad and joined Percon Corporation Sdn Bhd, an engineering company, as Quantity Surveyor in 1991. He became Contract Manger in 2005. During the same year, he left Percon Corporation Sdn Bhd to join Nadi Cergas. After his departure from Nadi Cergas in 2008, he joined Zambina Wawasan Sdn Bhd, a construction company, as Contract Manager. In the same year, he left Zambina Wawasan Sdn Bhd and re-joined Nadi Cergas.

As the Head of Contract, Procurement and Concession, he is mainly responsible for overseeing matters in relation to contract management from initial preparation to final implementation; procurement process including vendor negotiation, selection and on-boarding; concession administration and facilities management.

He has no family relationship with any directors and/or major shareholder of the Company.


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